A Love Affair with Vodka

By Hutchesons

Wednesday, August 03, 2016



There are few things we enjoy more than indulging in a carefully crafted cocktail in the sultry splendour of The 158 Champagne and Oyster Bar. There are few things more lovely than a well stocked bar, and for us that means a plentiful selection of vodkas from around the globe. We managed to narrow it down to 5 of our highlights - but we think we've got some awesome offerings.



Who: Often hailed as the world's first super luxury vodka, Belvedere have been creating world winning vodka since 1993.

What: A very full and velvety vodka, Belvedere has a smooth taste of vanilla with a touch of white pepper, spice and just a hint of clotted cream. 

Why we love it: Whether in a sprtiz or a cocktail, Belvedere is a well rounded vodka with a gorgeous finish that makes it deliciously moreish! 

Our recommendation: Try this in one of our signature parma violets and make most of those vanilla notes!


Who: They may be the new kid of the block but with their farm to bottle ethos, Arbikie have fast become a bit of a media darling featured as one of GQ's favourite vodkas. 

What: Starting smooth with a fabulous warmth and spice as it progresses, there's a reason Arbikie have topped many of the World's Favourite Vodka lists. 

Why: We love to #EatScottish so we love to #DrinkScottish too and it doesn't get more Scottish than this. 

Our recommendation: We love this served neat but if you're looking for something really special we recommend a Bloody Mary made with their chipotle vodka. 


Who: Distilled from wheat in copper pot stills and filtered over loose charcoal, Ketel One is a splendid vodka from the Netherlands. 

What: A hint of citrus with a warm spice, this beautiful number has a glorious sweet finish. 

Why: They've been making vodka since 1691, so they've pretty much perfected it by now. There's a reason why Ketel One is one of the World's Favourite Vodka's.

Our recomendation: With a classic vodka we think you should go with a classic serve - and it doesn't get more classic than a dirty martini! 


Who: Zubrowka or Bison Grass Vodka is unlike any other vodka on our shelves and is certainly one of the most distinctive when it comes to flavour.  Expect a blade of bison grass inside every bottle. 

What: This dry, herb flavoured vodka has hints of woodruff with notes of vanilla, almond and coconut throughout. 

Why: Honestly, there is nothing quite like it and it has a glorious crisp finish. It doesn't need much. 

Our recommendation: Serve this with apple juice and mint. Simple, unfussy but utterly delicious. 


Who: We're back to #DrinkScottish again with this stylish little number. Pincer is a unique little vodka with real flavour. 

What:  With inustion of wild elderflower and milk thistle, Pincer is a fabulously unique vodka with a lovely creamy finish. 

Why: We can't help it. We love finding gorgeous Scottish spirits to stock our bar with and Pincer is a beautiful little addition to our gantry. 

Our recommendation: This botanical vodka is a favourite with our bar staff and is utterly spectacular served with some fentimans tonic. 


So whether you prefer a martini or a bloody mary, make sure you're celebrating all things vodka with us at The 158 Champagne and Oyster Bar. 

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