After Dinner Treats

By Hutchesons

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Some pairings are classics for a reason. Champagne and oysters, cheese and wine, and of course, for that extra special after dinner treat, cigars and cognac. Or on occasion, rum. No matter your poison, there's a fabulous cigar to pair it with.

While you chose your favourite libation to match your cigar, there are a few simple rules of thumb to guide you. Steer clear of clear spirits - vodka, tequila and gin will be lost on the palette. When choosing your drink, go for something with a similar strength. A medium smoke cigar will go especially well with a medium spiced rum. And last but not least? Judge a book by it's cover. No. Really.


When it comes to cigars you should look for a smooth wrapper with no tears and a uniform colour. They should be evenly stuffed throughout and some with a light sheen. We keep all our cigars in our humidifier in The 158 Champagne and Oyster Bar so the are all uniformly well cared for and we can guarantee a pleasant smoking experience. We've got 5 cigars available varying from Upman Caronas Juniors - a fabulous first cigar with a light creamy smoke to Churchill's favourite, Romeo Y Julietta which is known for it's medium, earthy finish. Our Partagas 4 with leather, walnuts and almonds has a warm gentle spice is a glorious premium cigar to enjoy for all aficionados and our Monte Cristo has a distinctive nutty flavour making for a wonderful cigar to enjoy over the course of an evening. Our Cohina's are smoother than most cigars but still benefit a medium to full bodied smoke. All our cigars have been selected for consistent high quality and taste to make for the most pleasurable after dinner experience.


Cognac is the most traditional pairing for this, and we'd recommend either our Hine Antique or Hine XO. Hine Antique is one of our top cognacs with fantastic notes of chocolate and baked apple with a vivacious vanilla flavour on the tongue. For something a little bit lighter but equally delicious, Hine XO features some glorious notes of jasmine, apricot, carnations and iris. A very light, sweet and floral cognac for sure and delicious if looking for something a little bit lighter to compliment your cigar.


Of course, we find that dark rum works equally well with our cigars, especially with warm spicy notes. Pamperno Aniversario has a natural sweetness to it with a distinct toffee and white chocolate with light notes of cinnamon, tea and lemon. At the other end of the spectrum Ron Zacapa 23 is much darker with wood, chocolate and coffee as it's dominant flavour profiles, with just a delightful spicy kick. Somewhere in the middle but no less delicious we have a classic spiced rum like Red Leg with vanilla and ginger. Sweet, spicy and perfect for sipping over the course of an evening.

With our cigar cutters on hand and a full gantry of wonderful spirits to choose from, it's easy to get swept away in the magic of The 158 Champagne and Oyster Bar, and honestly, how could we blame you. With our bar now open till 1am on Friday's and Saturday evenings, there's never been a better time to whittle away the evening with some sensational goodies at Hutchesons.

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