Seasonal Spotlight: Langoustines

By Hutchesons

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Norway Lobsters, Dublin Bay Prawns or Langoustines - whatever way you cut it, these beautiful shellfish are the backbone of the British fishing industry and one of our favourite things to cook with! With langoustine season running from early spring to early winter, we really are spoiled with this fabulous, plentiful shellfish. As one of our counties most sustainable fisheries, these gorgeous wild shellfish are a simple and versatile ingredient that are a delight to serve! 


With a texture akin to a prawn and the flavour of a lobster - langoustines are a regular feature on our shellfish platters and equally popular in mainland Europe. Most langoustines are harvested in the North East of Scotland with 95% of them being exported - a testament to how delicious these truly are.


The first thing we look for from our langoustines is how lively they are when they come in as it's a great indicator of freshness. Next up we like to examine their shell which should have a fabulous coral pink colour. There isn't much variety in tone between the shell of each fish, though for us - we love it when they are that little bit extra pink! Before they are cooked, they have this very transparent flesh that becomes lovely and opaque once they're done. 

With it's natural sweetness and meaty texture it works well with similarly sweet ingredients with an acidic bite. A fresh zingy apple or fennel works particularly well, but we think a classic serve works best, over ice with just a splash of lemon!


Of course, for those who don't like their shellfish on ice our fabulous langoustines feature across our menu. From our cuttlefish risotto with scallops to regular cameos in our specials as well as one of the core ingredients in our shellfish stock and bisque, we definitely make the most of this fantastic little national treasure! 

Best enjoyed in our 158 over a dry white wine, our seasonal shellfish truly is spectacular! 

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