Seasonal Spotlight on Scallops

By Hutchesons

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

We love what we do and at the very core of that is using the very best seasonal produce.  We adore making incredibly beautiful food that makes people feel great and one of our favourite things to cook with at the moment is scallops.

A bit of a stalwart on our menu, scallops are in high season at the moment so we've been delighted to be able to incorporate this beautiful piece of Scottish produce so readily in to our specials.  But what makes a good scallop? And where are they from? And why are they so delicious? 


Our particular scallops are from the Isle of Mull and harvested in the North Sea. It's the perfect breeding ground for these beauties and the Summer months ensures they have lots of fabulous nutrients to feed on so they can become nice and fat. While scallops can be found all over the world, the very best tend to be from the Scottish coast meaning we don't have to look too far for some truly spectacular shellfish. 

When our scallops come in they have already been shucked from their shell. They have a gorgeous slightly firm texture and smell beautiful - light, sweet and with just a hint of the sea. They are glossy, plump and have the most splendid pearly,creamy opaque white finish - ticking all the boxes of what we look for from our scallops. With their delicate texture and light sweet flavour, they are truly a delight for us to cook with. 


Scallops are such a great way to balance out any dish and we love using them with meatier fishes. With the salt that little hint of sweetness really sets everything off. Of course it partners with so many classics like black pudding and cauliflower (which also so happens to be in season at the moment) meaning you can really play about with the palette on the plate. Of course, with such a delicately flavoured fish we tend to steer clear of anything that overpowers it. With scallops this good you want to be able to fully enjoy them.

Our favourite way to serve our scallops is with some fabulous creamed leaks, peas and a wonderful little bit of smoked pancetta. It's a splendid starter and perfectly incorporates are the fabulous sweet and saltiness of the scallops with the pancetta. Truly a taste sensation! 

Mouth watering yet? You can try our scallops on our A La Carte and make sure to keep an eye out for them on our specials every week if looking for a real culinary delight! 

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