Introducing a Taste of Scotland at Hutchesons...

To kickstart the year, we've put together a 4 course tasting menu that's inspired by the very best Scottish seasonal produce. Enjoy all four courses, along with a glass of wine, for just £30pp, available Mon - Thurs until February 2nd.


Great produce, means great flavours

Here at Hutchesons we believe passionately in bringing food back to basics, and that great flavours are created by the quality of produce that’s used. We take a holistic approach to cooking, firm in the belief that using natural ingredients, whether it's fish, root vegetable or fruits, results in all the taste and nutrients that any dish needs. Taking those ingredients and combining them with their peers, cooked simply with an expert guile, will always deliver truly a remarkable taste sensation.


Our rich land & shores

In Scotland, we’re blessed to have some of the very best natural ingredients on our doorstep. Our produce also changes seasonally, meaning our larders are continually being replenished with new tastes which allows us to introduce great new flavours as the year progresses. From lamb in the springtime to salmon in the summer, there’s always great produce to choose from, sourced locally from across our land, rivers & coasts.


Right now, it’s venison season, and that’s played a crucial part in the winter offering of our Taste of Scotland menu, as of course, does the temperature and ambience of a Scottish January. With temperatures hovering in the low 2’s & 3’s, what better way to ‘warm the cockles’ (pardon the pun), than with a classic Scottish seafood chowder? For ours, we’re using a lightly spiced peat-smoked haddock paired with Shetland mussels and finished with a light drizzle of chilli oil. This dish really inspires flavours from across Scotland, the peat-smoked haddock has nuances of an Islay whisky, whilst the mussels provide that salty, fishy flavouring that’s so prominent in traditional coastal broths. And with the wintery temperatures engorging us, the little hint of added spice with our chilli oil will help warm up the soul. A great winters day day dish! 


Unique flavours and firm favourites...

As mentioned, venison season is in full swing, with Highland venison, which is free to roam in across vast lands and estates, one of the most coveted of meats up for grabs. Revered for its unique flavour, it’s  has been a firm favourite on dinner tables in Scotland for centuries. It’s also one of the most ethically sourced meats available anywhere in the UK, the majority of venison comes from land & estate management, with abattoirs not even featuring in the equation. For our menu, we’re using venison loin, one of the most popular and flavoursome cuts there is. We don’t intend to mess around with a classic flavour profile, so instead we simply pair our venison with great seasonal veg, utilising some of the most interesting ingredients from Scotland’s larder including Swiss chard and roasted beets, whilst incorporating another Scottish staple; spiced honey, which we use as a jus to add a little sweetness to the rich flavours of the venison. 

A twist on a classic...

It wouldn’t be a true Scottish tasting menu without indulging our sweet tooth and, of course, some whisky! We’ve adapted the traditional 'Hot Toddie' for ours and pulled together beautiful Heather Honey and Glenfarclas whisky iced parfait, with almond & honey cake, honey & lemon jelly and all butter shortbread!