Looking back at our Summer Series Party on July 2nd...

With the next Hutchesons Summer Series Party with Veuve Clicquot quickly approaching, this seems the perfect time to reflect on the awesome fun had at the last one!

With a glorious day of sunshine over Glasgow setting the tone for the day ahead, Hutchesons was once again turned into a Champagne paradise! The Summer Party Series is renowned for being the most stylish parties in Scotland, and this sellout edition was no exception! As usual, the bubbles and banter were flowing at every single the table!

The music was in full swing as our Hutchesons resident DJ, the awesome Elisha, played a classic mix of disco and old school house anthems! With the Champagne flowing and the music playing, the party vibe was in full effect!


A couple of our Cham-iiiiingo winners!

A couple of our Cham-iiiiingo winners!


The giveaways were as fantastic as ever and it's safe to say that there's nothing quire like our latest invention to take a party to the next level...that's right, we're talking about CHAM-INGOOOO (Champagne Bingo)! As cliches go, they don't come more fitting than saying everyone who took part in the bubbly chaos was a winner...although for those who got a full house, there was a slight bonus in the fact they got a bottle of Veuve Clicquot to take home! 



The party vibes of the Sunday session continued throughout the afternoon in The 158 Club Lounge as our special guest host, Mr Kerr Okan (lead singer of the La Fontaines) played some true party classics! Whether the guests continued to pop Champagne or indulge in our Belvedere Spritz cocktails, there was no shortage of fun being had!

You can check out the full gallery from our latest Summer Party using the link below


We're back it again on July 30th for the next instalment of the Summer Party Series...although this time we're taking guests back in time to the Swingin' 60s for a 'Summer of Love'! That's right, the Sumer Party Series is getting a Flower Power make over, so prepare for peace, love, happiness...and Champagne!

Tickets for our next are selling out quicker than ever so don’t wait around to buy yours now!